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A special message from tomorrow’s match sponsor

The Swans welcome table topping Yorkshire Amateur to the Easy Buy Stadium tomorrow in what may well be our final game for a few weeks.

Our match sponsor tomorrow, is Owen Taylor, with the game dedicated to any loved ones we have lost during this pandemic. We will be observing a minute’s applause before the game tomorrow. Owen has kindly provided a message for us to share on social media about his own personal loss.

‘Tonight’s game is dedicated to those we have lost due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and related illnesses; no doubt we all know someone.’

‘In my case, Paula Taylor who sadly passed away 25th May 2020 aged 50 in Grimsby hospital with myself by her side. She had been very poorly since November 2019 and had lived with multiple brain tumours for over eight years which had meant she underwent five brain surgeries in that period with the last two occurring in January and March of this year.

‘With so little time between operations she struggled to regain her health and unfortunately whilst in hospital contracted Covid-19, MRSA and finally pneumonia; which in the end proved just one too many hurdles.

‘To many Paula appeared as a quiet and shy lady; many never knowing just how poorly she had been as she just would not complain about it. She was often a wallflower in the company of her own family, but just because she was quiet did not mean she had nothing to say.

‘However, it will always be her courage (especially whilst facing the last seven weeks in isolation), dignity and love she continually showed that will forever speak volumes. Let’s hope tonight’s game is a fitting tribute to her and those who are no longer with us, as once again we find ourselves on the eve of a national lockdown to combat the spread of the Coronavirus.’

A special message from tomorrow’s match sponsor

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