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Swans Introduce Under 15’s Side

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a brand-new youth team to the club. With the success of our Under 13’s side last season, we are excited to bring in an Under 15’s side too, which we hope will help aid development of young players in our club.

The Under 15’s are able to help bridge the gap between youth and adult football, meaning there is a line of progression throughout the club from under 13’s, into the under 15’s and possibly going on to the reserves and then first team.

Swans Chairman Mark Gregory commented on the new side: “Barton Town FC are very excited to add another youth team to the club. This is our second youth side now and we are trying to build even further offering local young players the chance to progress through the ranks and hopefully play for the first team and maybe even beyond.

“As a club we are proud to see the youth team wearing the kits and looking the part. It means a lot to the younger players and we see them wear it with pride. We also see them on first team games enjoying their football all round. We are a Family club and they are part of our family and brand.

“Big Thank you to all the volunteers who give up their time to help the youth teams progress and be part of the club.”

We spoke to Shaun Drury, manager of the new side about his aims, his previous work, and his reasons for joining us.

Could you please start by telling us a bit about yourself? How did you get into football?

SD: “I’ve lived in Barton most of my life, married with three children. Like a lot of grassroots managers, I was asked to manage a new team my son was going to play in who was 8 at the time and it went from there, he is now 14. My son also played for a North Ferriby team for a couple of seasons so stood in as manager for a year there too. I believe in anybody wanting to get into football is given an opportunity to play the game too.”

Were you affiliated with a team before coming to us? If so who and how did you do?

“I have managed the same team since they were U9 and the original team picked the team’s name, Barton United Vipers. Still have a few original players still in the squad.”

What made you want to join the Barton Town family?

“I’ve been thinking about it for a few seasons to be honest, it’s obviously a stepping stone for those players who want to continue playing football once they finish at U16 as a lot of teams break up at this age. The club’s identity and seeing players wearing the club’s colours around the town is something I fully agree with and something I promoted with my current team. I am also hoping that additional resource of personnel will help me attract a few more players.”

Will you be working with the other coaches in our teams and work together where necessary to progress any players?

“Hopefully this is something that can happen, I already know Liam (Reserves manager) & Sean (Under 13’s manager) so hopefully with talking to the other coaches too I can pick up some new useful tools to further develop the squad.”

What’s your aims for the season when we finally get underway?

“I am looking to maintain most of my players from last season with hopefully the addition of 3-4 new ones. I think it all depends what league we are placed in when the season finally starts. We finished third in our league last season but like most seasons I have lost 2-3 keys players. If replacement players can be found, we should have a good season. If the players continue to develop while enjoying the game, we should have a comfortable season.”

Have you already got a team?

“I spoke to all my players prior to the season ending early to communicate my intentions for the new season and most are coming with me except for two players who have moved away from the area.”

If you are wanting to find a team and are interested in playing for a family friendly community club, please email Shaun at

We wish Shaun and the team all the best for the upcoming season and wish to welcome him to the club.

Swans Introduce Under 15’s Side

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