Barton Town FC

Team Mates – Noel Burdett

Day Job?

Assistant Site Manager

Previous Clubs?

Scunthorpe United, Harrogate Town, Alfreton, Frickley, Winterton, Matlock Town

Funny Man (Who’s the funniest?)

Josh Batty

Mr Motivator?

Taron Hare

Longest in the Shower?

Chaz Fisher

Best Trainer?

Josh Lacey

Worst Trainer?

Josh Batty

Mr Vain? (Always looking in mirror)

Nathan Peat

Best DJ in Changing Room

Noel Burdett

Best Moment at Barton so far?

Best moments are in the changing room with the lads👍🏼

Teachers Pet?

Taron Hare

Team Mates – Noel Burdett

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